• Stretching & Yoga - A guide for the everyday athlete Stretching and Yoga - A guide for the everyday athlete is your ticket to improving flexibility, mobility and relaxing muscles after racing and training. The guide includes tips on alignment, sport specific stretches, a comprehensive photo guide and a 10-min daily stretch routine for runners, cyclists, swimmers, surfers and gym junkies. It’s designed for those athletes who have limited time and who want the convenience of practicing sport specific yoga at their own pace at home.
  • Refuel

    Refuel Post training and racing is when your body is crying out for some nutritional goodness. Download my 7-day meal plan for nourishing recipes to feed your tired and hungry muscles. Each meal is easy and quick to prepare and bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, wholegrains, protein, good fats and antioxidants.
  • Recovery

    Recovery These are the top ten ways the pros speed up their recovery so they can get back to training and racing quickly. From Epsom salt baths to foam rolling and more, you’ll learn the tricks to reduce muscles soreness and boost energy.
  • Eat & Run

    Eat & Run - 7 healthy running snacks to keep you energised  You don't have to survive off artificially sweetened gels and synthetic powders to run well. Think natural, fresh and make it easy! 'Eat & Run' gives you my top 7 healthy running snacks to keep you energised whilst you're out on the trail. PLUS 2 x easy-to-make recipes for my power protein balls and seeded trail bar. Enjoy!
  • Meditation

    Meditation It is commonly claimed that a successful sporting performance requires a 90% mental and 10% physical effort. Meditation is the kick-starter guide for those wanting to harness that mental edge. In this introductory guide for athletes you’ll learn what meditation actually is and how it will benefit your performance. The 7-day challenge will teach you different meditation techniques to reduce mental overwhelm, racing anxiety and to bring more mental stamina, clarity and focus.  

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