Now I don’t mean in the Olivia Newtown John fluro leotard kinda way, but in the sport, fitness, outdoor adventure kinda way. You see I’ve always been known as an ambitious pocket rocket with a competitive nature. From little athletics and swimming, waterskiing to water polo, netball, touch football, scuba diving, triathlon, springboard diving, mountain biking, SUP, kayaking, ultra marathon running, rock climbing, Crossfit…well, I’ve had a good crack at just about everything.


I love the energy you get from waking and working out on sunrise, the calm you feel from being in the great outdoors, and the adrenaline and deep satisfaction you get from finishing a long race; you just can’t beat it. 

But here’s the thing about committed relationships, it’s not always romance and fireworks; sometimes love hurts. When I was younger I thought the key to top performance was going as hard and as fast as you could. My strategy was cardio, cardio, cardio with an emphasis on longer sets, lifting more, and sweating as much as I could.

That approach didn’t last long.

I’ve suffered two badly sprained ankles from trail running and basketball, a broken wrist from snowboarding and a herniated disk in my lower back from waterskiing. My left hip sometimes seizes on long runs and my Achilles tendon protests loudly when it’s not given enough TLC. I’ve had race anxiety, dysfunctional breathing, training overwhelm and fatigue so deep I couldn’t keep my eyes open at work.     

Endurance events can do that to you. 14+ hours of running in the mountains aint for the faint hearted. These adventures test your body and mind in ways that you never knew possible. But here’s the other thing about me, I’m a loyal type of gal. I’m committed and in for the long haul.

To go the distance I knew I needed to overhaul my approach to sport and fitness. I needed better flexibility and mobility, a stronger core, stability through my joints, more energy and a calmer mindset. I needed to find effective ways to restore my body and mind after my big training sessions and races. 

So together with my daily sweat sessions I started practicing yoga and Pilates. Within a few weeks I was moving better, breathing easier and my lower back pain had disappeared. 15-years on and I’m still practicing my restorative fitness methods and it’s a key reason I completed my first 100km ultra marathon in the top 20% of the field with a smile on my face and with energy in the bank. 

I’m now a qualified yoga, Pilates and functional fitness instructor and I’m teaching others my system of restorative health and fitness. It’s specifically designed for the everyday athlete who wants to get that competitive edge, stay injury free and ensure longevity in the game. 



I’ll teach you how to safely stretch muscles, rehydrate fascia and improve joint mobility so you move better, minimise aches and pains and stay in the game for longer.  


You’ll build a strong core and joint stability to improve your form and help prevent injury. We’ll also effectively fire up powerhouse muscles like glutes, quads, hip flexors and lats. 


It’s commonly said that sport demands a 10% physical and 90% mental effort. Champion athletes like surfer Mick Fanning, basketballer LeBron James and Tour de France winner Cadel Evans all testify to the benefits of harnessing the mind, emotions and controlling the breath. I’ll teach you how. 


Most athletes are focused on race nutrition, but post-training and racing is when your body is crying out for some TLC. I’ll share my best recipes for rebuilding muscle, reducing inflammation, boosting vitamin and mineral intake, optimising energy and enhancing the function of key body systems.


Usain Bolt claims that sleep is the most important part of his daily training regime. I’ll teach you how to maximise the quality and quantity of your snooze time (as well as other self-care tricks), so you can get that winning edge on race day. 


Great question. With so many fitness programs on the market these days it can be hard to choose what’s right for you. So, I asked some of my current athletes and clients and this is what they had to say:

I wanted to say a big thank you to Bree for a fantastic restorative yoga session at the SLSA National Leadership College. It was the perfect opportunity for our participants to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation after an exhausting week at the College. Bree is knowledgeable and passionate about her craft, with an excellent teaching style and personality. I would recommend Bree’s yoga to anyone wishing to improve overall health and wellbeing. Looking forward to our next session with Bree.



→ Certificate III in Fitness – FIA Fitnation

→ 200hr registered yoga teacher – Arhanta Yoga Ashram

→ 70hr advanced vinyasa yoga training – Power Living Australia

→ 70hr yin yoga training – Power Living Australia

→ Certified BLACKROLL® Trainer

→ Certified Pilates mat and reformer instructor – Elixr School of Pilates

→ Certified to administer the Functional Movement Screen

→ Certified health and lifestyle coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition

→ BA in Communications and International Studies – University of Technology


• Ultra Trail Australia (100km, 50km & 22km races)

• Narrowneck Night Run (20km)

• Melbourne Half Marathon

• Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon

Glow Worm Tunnel Half Marathon

• Competed in multiple sprint triathlons

• Hiked to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal (4130m)

• Summited Volcano Cotopaxi, Ecuador (5897m)

• Hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru (43km and 4200m)